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The Best Product Launch Formula 3.2 Bonus?

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Let me start by saying that I’m NOT going to spend 25 pages trying to tell you how great Jeff Walkers’s product launch formula 3.2 is.

I know that by now you probably already have a bagillion emails from other marketers telling you how super-duper it is and why you should buy it through them.

Let’s Cut The Crap…

I’m going to do something a little different here…

I’m NOT going to try and convince you to buy it.


The fact of the matter is this…

Product Launch Formula 3.2 WORKS … period. You can’t argue with results like these…

* Two 5 figure launches in two months (the first one didn’t even have a finished product!)

* $18,000+ in sales for a product in the guitar niche.

* $36,000+ EVERY month for a product that’s only for the Spanish speaking market.

* $500,000+ in sales for a health care information product.

* $2,000,000 (Yes 2 Million) in sales with a list of only 5,000 … and more people waiting to pay to get in!

There should be no question over whether or not you should buy it – the only question is who to buy it from?

I’m not going to lie to you … I want you to buy it from me.

But unlike other ‘gurus’ who just throw together a bonus that’s of absolutely no real use to you (but looks kinda pretty), I’ve put together the ultimate bonus package that’s not only useful but more importantly …

It actually compliments the product you bought! (Gasp!)

If you want to take full advantage of Product Launch Formula you NEED to purchase through the link I’m going to give you.

When you do, I’m going to reward you … BIG time.

What Do I Get, Richard?!

I’m only going to be revealing the information right now to people who are seriously interested in this course.

There are ONLY going to be 25 bonus packages available – either you want in, or you don’t.

Click Here To See The Bonus Package

To your success,

Richard Legg

P.S. There are only 25 spots for this incredible bonus package. If you are even slightly interested in getting Jeff’s course AND the huge bonus package, enter your name and email right now – it’s truly first come, first served.

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