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Using Expired Domains To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

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Using Expired Domains To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

For anyone who owns a website, one of the hardest problems to overcome is getting sufficient traffic to really bring in enough sales. You are not alone if you feel like you’ve done everything you can and given up. In truth, there is a source of traffic that can provide you with as many hits as you’d like, from visitors that want to see a site like yours.

Now, you can make use of these expired domains to get that traffic for yourself, but it can be a bit difficult, so make sure that it’s done right or your efforts will just be for nothing. You can make use of expired domains by buying one that was previously used by another company, for example. It is possible to not only save a great deal of money using this method but also bring a lot more attention to your sites.

The reason this works so well is that many older domain names have been left to expire, but still remain very popular and active with users. These expired domains keep getting hits that usually average around 3 million per day. What are the reasons people get rid of such an asset to begin with? There could be several reasons for it, one being that the webmaster quit due to lack of funds to keep it going. One reason could be that the owner of the domain simply forget to re-register. Anyhow, one man’s loss is another man’s gain.

Your link popularity will be a major beneficiary when you use expired domains. The number of other websites that actively link to you will give an indication of the link popularity. Using expired domains, therefore, allows you to pick up and immediately exploit the link popularity it already has. Many times these domains are very cheap and the cost can be as little as it would be to get a new, unregistered domain. Most times it would cost in the region of ten dollars.00 or even less.

If you want a quick profit, you can just resell the domain to another company or webmaster. By marketing correctly, you can even turn a large profit, often getting much more in return than you invested initially. Companies are always looking for domains with catchy titles and the right connotation to what they are trying to market.

One thing to remember, though ‘ you should always check the history of the expired domain you’re interested in, just to be safe. Sometimes the expired domain you want might have belonged to an adult site in the past, so there’s a good chance that it could be blocked by some computers. Dangerous factors like these could severely damage your site’s reputation or at the very least, restrict the amount of traffic you could be getting otherwise. You can use the “Wayback Machine” to view any of the domains that interest you and actually see what the site used to look like. This Internet tool is free, so there’s no reason not to use it to check out your domains before making a decision.

Expired domains can be very effective for driving traffic to your site. Your link popularity also gets a welcome boost, and those wasted hits will be put to good use for you. As you can see, by using the power and existing potency of expired domains you could be taking a very profitable step, one that may generate a lot of income for your business.

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